Developing People...

Enhancing Business for 'real world' performance.

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Who we are...

Green Lantern Consultancy is a collective of business psychologists and training professionals, and is led by Fiona Coulter. We are passionate about developing people and enhancing your business for 'real world' performance. Our collaborative and highly engaging approach delivers outstanding results by placing people at the centre of everything we do... For us it's personal.

What we do...

Every organisation has different goals, and faces different challenges, so there's no such thing as a typical Green Lantern Consultancy project. Your issues are unique and they are treated that way. You want a development programme that addresses your particular needs and challenges. We understand this, so programmes are tailored specifically to you and aren't just 'off the shelf' solutions.

Our Services

Attracting, identifying and retaining key talent

Getting the right people
on the right seat on the right bus

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Enhancing the experience of onboarding

Providing a personalised, interactive introduction to the organisation

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Improving Employee Engagement in Organisations

Get the best from your employees to help support your organisation

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Developing Management & Leadership Skills

Transform your organisation
by transforming your

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Making Organisational Change

Identifying how and why your business needs to change and starting this journey

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Developing a Coaching Culture

Start to build a collaborative, coaching mindset within the organisation

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Help team members to understand their role and contribution to the group

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Understand your own perceptions and beliefs to help understand others

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Contact Us For More Information

We customise all our services to suit your requirements by offering highly bespoke solutions giving you and your people flexibility.

If you would like to discuss how our services can be tailored to your needs, please contact us using the details below.

+44 (0) 772 555 6745